Friday, November 5, 2010


Following an afternoon of trick-or-treating around the local shops in our town, Alexandra asked if she could eat her treats. I told her she could pick out one thing she would like to have if she ate a good lunch.
After munching down 3/4 of a PB&J, she said she was full, which prompted the following exchange:

"OK baby, you did a good job," I said. "You don't have to eat any more."
"But can I have a lollypop?"
"If you're full, how are you going to eat a lollypop?" I asked.
She looked at me. "I'm gonna lick it with my tongue," she said, and stuck it out to demonstrate.
I laughed, understanding that what she heard was how do you eat a lollypop.

"No baby, I mean if you are full, you don't have room for a lollypop."
She scooted over in her booster seat. "Yes, Mama, I can put it right here," she said pointing to the empty space next to her.

I smiled at her. Although I was soundly defeated in my argument, these are the moments I love.
"OK baby. I will get you a lollypop."

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